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A Black Jean for the Pants to be precise i want to see that (^_^')
Do a girl with a Black Pant Please (^_^)
Do zangya next
esta super tu galeria


eres genial para los dibujos

ojala cell pase por hotaru y tambien la absorva xD
Darkai26 Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
u should show wat the each look like as one with cell
I have a idea since you are really havegood drawings, why not Cell Absorb like famouse video game woman, like Princess Zelda and peach and show them inside the cells tail lol i would love to see princess Zelda get absorbed her boobs by press together inside cells tail.
PS PLZ and ty
well this is quite the different setting you have set for cell yet all the same, nice job on the swap out for chosen prey plus as a bonus colossal good work on the lady cell design either way i say good work on the whole art peice for each form in his chain to perfection
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